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What were they supposed to be doing off screen between the shows? She wasn't going to allow her to pretend they were two tops out to take over TNA.

Comments 0 Thank you! No Results were found that match your search criteria! Preview This is a preview of how your comment will appear. Big round juicy tits. This explains so much. Angelina love lesbian. Nessa Devil in handsome slut enjoys anal sex at hotel room. Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation. Things were going to go back to the way they were between them, just like they were in the good old days, only this time Velvet wasn't going to get to pretend to be on Angelina's level.

While Angelina fully intended to keep this up for as long as she could that didn't end up being nearly as long as she intended, Velvet's constant assault on her cunt combined with Velvet's cunt rubbing down on her face drove Angelina to show the bitch a thing or two about rug munching.

Nessa Devil in homemade sex video featuring a wonderful lassie. Nessa Devil in hot amateur couple having hardcore sex in a pool. In trying to do so however Angelina brought Velvet an incredible amount of pleasure, Velvet crying out in joy as Angelina thrust her tongue inside her and began fucking her with it. Nessa Devil in amateur fuck video with a slutty gal and her lover. Velvet is going to be the laughing stock of the knockouts, and Velvet won't care because Angelina is going to do what she should have done from the start, totally break this bitch and turn her into her completely submissive bitch.

You always were my bitch Velvet. Nude videos of lady gaga. When Bruce Pritchard took over creative of the show. Angelina was going to fuck Velvet's ass so hard all Velvet would ever want to be in life is Angelina's bitch.

I was dating Gregory, so you must have figured I wouldn't leave you for him so you compromised. BB code is On. That's what you used to say. Now Velvet had to bite her lip to keep herself from begging Angelina to let her be her bitch forever, which wasn't something she got to stop herself from saying for long.

Hell, Angelina would put money on Velvet not being able to go a week without burying her face in between some chick's thighs and lapping away until she was covered in girl cum. Velvet got the impression that Angelina wanted this to last a while, which was sweet, but Velvet was in no mood for slow and gentle. She certainly couldn't replace it. A goddess of lesbian domination, unable to turn any girl into her whimpering bitch with ease. Denisa, Denise, Deniska, Monica, Tori home:

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And why shouldn't she? Isn't either scenario better than not taking the chance and regretting it for the rest of our lives? Well, maybe this time we don't just do it for fun. Nessa Devil in amateur girl gives ultimate blowjob in a bowling alley. Milf sex home. Angelina was going to pound Velvet's pooper until her shit hole was so loose and gaping Angelina could shove the knockouts title and the knockouts tag titles up there, humbling Velvet into a position of submission forever.

The sheets were already pretty stained with pussy juice but they were given several coatings of cum as Angelina savagely sodomised Velvet through several multiple climaxes, the true top of The Beautiful People slamming her old and now new bitch's ass over and over and over again, the sound of flesh meeting flesh echoing throughout the room like machine-gun fire.

Who's bitch are you! As they drilled each other's fuck holes both TNA knockouts were careful to make sure they got all the others sweet spots, both of them being impressed by how well the other remembered how to please them. Angelina love lesbian. Adult Store Movies Webcams. Hot blond slut Nessa Devil being fucked in a public shopping mall. Even after it was clear the strap on was spotless Angelina continued to let Velvet suck her cock for a little while, simply enjoying the sight of it before pulling Velvet up and into her arms for a long kiss.

Here is the gist of the storyline. He split them up with no explanation what so ever an just slowly phased them out of the company. She wanted them to be The Beautiful People again. Sexy redhead women nude. I heard they made out on screen? If one of us betrays the other we'll get over it, if not maybe we get to live happily ever after together. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Send private anonymous feedback to the author click here to post a public comment instead.

Ok, so I wanted help with Madison, someone to watch my back and I was thinking of betraying you first chance I got, but I didn't want to because I really, truly missed you Angelina. She promised she would be hers forever. Too busy replacing me and whoring yourself out?

Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation. Nessa Devil goes outdoors for some cock-stroking and fuck. Maybe this time we could be together, really together. She wasn't going to allow her to pretend they were two tops out to take over TNA.

And apparently they were time traveling lesbian vampires according to Winter.

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Even when she was on top of her game Madison's lousy butt bangings couldn't compare to the first-class rectum wrecking Velvet was now receiving, her poor pooper being so brutally battered and stretched Velvet couldn't possibly see how she could ever sit or shit right again. Sexy lesbians talking dirty. Nessa Devil in anal sex scene in a hot vacation porn video.

How dare she forget that night Angelina took her anal cherry, how she had promised to give Angelina her ass, that it would be hers forever. Clearly no longer going for nice and soft Angelina pounded Velvet's pussy with her tongue, pausing in the assault only to suck firmly down on her pussy lips and swallowing down a mouthful of her juices.

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Big tits hand She wasn't going to allow her to pretend they were two tops out to take over TNA. Winter and Vevlet kept arguing every week.
The best lesbian movie ever Angelina remains heel and a rival of Velvet until she left the company. Collapsing down onto her back Angelina pointed at her cock, "Suck it clean bitch!
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