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And not at all saying that it is not true I look around and see that I am in someone else's room.

My side ads have Dale Jr. Link to that pic, r23? Methinks he's a bit fabulous! During Kasey's Rookie of the Year speech, Kasey nervously explained how much Tony had helped him become a better driver and how much his friendship meant to him.

If I remember correctly, he was Bush bashing during the election. High class female escorts. Jamie Mcmurray is too. I'd be surprised at Earnhardt, never gave off any vibes, but who knows.

Oh, Just a reminder! Much like my good friend Micheal Waltrip, I'm also married to a beautiful woman and have two adorable kids. Joey logano naked. But he is single with cats too. Journeyman driver Dave Blaney was leading when a problem with Juan Pablo Montoya's car sent him spinning into a safety truck. I have horrible gaydar but I see so many hot daddies at all the tracks and my fantasies are wild about them. I personally know Scott and Greg Zipadelli, including their cell phone numbers.

Folks, come on, isn't it so obvious???? If Gibbs wanted Tony to beard, I am quite certain that Tony would not have gotten a married woman. Mature lesbian milking. All my past had only cared about themselves, but even in my drunken state, I remember him taking care of me and treating me like a queen in bed. Or will he go to his grave denying who he is? I'm excited," Stewart said. Driving around in circles while wearing a heavy uniform that causes unnecessary sweating?

This article was floating around about Kasey a year or two ago. My dad shook his head quickly, "You said quote 'But Joey Logano needs this race, and plus he's pretty cute for a Nascar driver' end quote" He spoke his voice changing to a high pitched tone as he quoted me. Of course all the Earnhardt fans jumped on Sr's comment, and the rumor pretty much stuck.

Back in his early Indy days, Tony "I'm not gay, I have a big boob blond girlfriend, so I'm not gay, ok? Well it seems that Hamlin's beard is knocked up. I'd also wish he would do a naked backflip after a race.

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I was thinking Mikey had gotten into extra 5-Hour Energy stash. Nude sleeping porn. When you met him, any ping? Well, Smoke ain't exactly a youngin' either. Here's your irrefutable fucking proof that I am a straight shooter: Anyways, I got to the club earlier than most people because I just came for some drinks and the music, not all the sweaty bodies pressed against each other.

He absolutely must be straight. Maybe I should try using Pam cooking spray as lube! I know I'll get flamed for this but here goes anyway. Anyone know what's up with everyone's favorite mental case Krazy Kurt Busch? So, my fire suits are tight on my ass! One conflict has notable history behind it, while others are simply a product the day's race.

Go for four inSmoke! I never was really much into Nascar, but I may have to start watching now! Or, perhaps some kind person can start a new Daytona thread? I ran his ass over and squished him flatter then Danica'a chest.

I wonder who he got it from?? Probably a nice, slow, comfy fuck who likes to snuggle afterwards.

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Taking a jagged deep breath, I shut my eyes tightly together, and let more tears slip down my cheeks. It's always followed by "and no it's not Waltrip", lol.

That is the "oddest" looking couple ever. The ones from so called straight guys cough cough going they are not gay because married with kids. Your firesuit looks really stained - in a BAD way. Joey logano naked. Capri lesbian porn. I'm not a Denny fan but he should get the surgery done and get ready at a more leisurely pace. Here comes my 6'3 tall handsome latin husband. The walls are covered in pictures and posters that I've never seen.

Why in the world would you ask that on a forum for gay men? Trevor Bayne likes to find the homeless near each race venue and, in his words, "witness to them. And from what I've heard, Smoke like topping.

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