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Probably a corp pay off we did not know aboutwe have watched our Government, Banks, Stock Markets with Bad derivatives that killed US. Girls in cars nude. We use to dance in the Bird Cage Theatertake turns swinging each other in the big black molasses pot outside the churchI would dream of growing up and becoming a can-can dancer in the saloon!

It was south of the Stater Bros market on the corner of Newport and 22nd Street. Heather lampson nude. Best all around menu ever in Orange County. One of your readers described his family owning the Surplus store down the street, I loved it, what better place to 'Play Army'? I saw the Orange mall being built as a kid. Please, someone confirm this. If anyone remembers me give me a holler hotpinkz71 yahoo. Also was in French Club. I am wondering if she knew my friends mom Jean K that worked at the Boston Store during summer of Ask us to get dressed and leave.

The silverware was made of duralite, a gold alloy that could not distract from the taste of the food. Smoking naked girls. I bought my first Duncan Yo Yo there. Tell us about something you remember while living or working in Orange County, and we'll consider it for publication on OCThen.

Where I lived, girls tied a red bandana around their Mexican leather purses and we wore Hurraches i grew up in anaheim Party lines, the time lady lol. Matt Green on Austin pl. I think they were guard dogs and almost bit us one time when we were messing with them. I remember the admission was 25 cents, a real bargain! This was about the families and servicemen of Orange County. Great place to meet guys BUT, what I remember most of all was that we all loved each other. My friends and I would go hiking in the woods and climb up this path to the top of a hill.

Things have really changed since then. Back in the 60s there was a Mexican restaurant on Harbor Blvd. The location you gave for The Jolly Roger is correct.

Parents taking their kids to Disneyland would stop there for breakfast, you could see the main gate at Diz at that time if you looked out the window and the last thing any little kid wanted to do was finish their breakfast, they just wanted to go across the street and see Mickey We also used to water ski in the back bay until it got too dark, and then stopped at Russ hamburgers on Newport Blvd.

Both the first and 2nd theatres had 3 screens and we used to call them "" and "" to designate which one our friends should meet us at.

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I celebrated my 21st birthday there, at the bar I'd been drinking at for three years. I believe it was in the Sunset Beach, Seal Beach area. Milf gf videos. The rides were even smaller and less sophistocated than the kids carnival rides that came with the traveling carnivals. Heather lampson nude. Richie Valens blasting before the movie. I used to work across the freeway from the Nabisco plant Bikes skateboard ride Tram to the beach.

I remember the admission was 25 cents, a real bargain! We really had some good guacamole in the 70's! Also, Peppers as I would meet friends for Happy Hour back in the early 80's. Our major thing for going there was to dance One of my memories was of cruzing North and South Halls.

We were headed for the Dairy on the other side of the street. Just like the movies we watched Does anyone have any memories of attending rock concerts at the Convention Center? I don't remember what happened to the strawberries.

I'd be happy to share these class photos. My family was sponsered by the United Methodist Church to come to America. We probably deserved their hate.

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What ever happened to the Little Village Cafe pictured here: Cris' and Pitts Anaheim closes other two LA locations will remain. Selena naked video. Just like that - gone. I can remember doing something we were not supposed to do.

I hear a big thud and I realize that he had just fallen in a huge hole. Before the city developers ruined downtown Anaheim, it was always great to walk or ride bikes to the Fox Theater for matinees on Saturday!

I can remember when the orange trees on their property were blooming and my grandfather was plowing to prepare his garden the property was about an acre and enough of it was open for growing that my grandfather could actually plow the garden plots. We wore hand down camies from our Marine Corps fathers. Cash was hard to come by in those days. There was a very nice white house fronting on Garden Grove Blvd.

Raymond Washington a 15 year old high school youth founded blue bandana gang called the Crip and attempted to preserve the Panther aura.

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On another trip to the restaurant, he was there with the full group of the Mouseketeers, including Annette, Cubby Also, there was in a glass case, a I think brass live steamer which was very old. There was the Harbor drive in theater right across the street from Russell school I also noticed that McComber Jr. Fashion tv midnight hot nude. I was all of 16 years old, but what fun! Those were the good 'ol days. Hot older women nude pics Heather lampson nude. We took swim lessons at the "new" El Toro HS and for fun, toured the model homes for the tracts they were building in the eucalyptus woods.

Yall may like to go drive around if ur still in the area and get a look for yourselves before they demolish those.

I seem to remember a drawing like a blueprint of a steam locomotive. To re-enter the park, you simply put your hand under the black light and the cast member let you back in. Next thing you know.

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Hijab girl fuck What ever happened to the Little Village Cafe pictured here: Now sadly I drive through there and realize how small that area is.
Trish stratus naked ass Walter Knott and my dad were friends and my dad opened up a Portrait Studio at Knott's on a verbal agreement.
Melissa wheat nude We would always stop for fresh produce and fresh fish at the dorry boat area at Newport Pier. When I would go to bed that night, my sheets would smell like Downy fabric softener and sunshine.

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