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Real nude soldiers

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In some cases, the military has pushed out victims of sexual assault who reported itinstead of the perpetrators.

R2 works for me, but since R6 is just a little bitch let's not repeat the oft-mentioned solution, shall we. Hoplites usually wore greaves, vambraces, and a chest-plate. Big black tits orgy. It would literally never occur to a lot of these guys that their photos give off sexual heat. Thank you for signing up. Real nude soldiers. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered.

Real nude soldiers

Something to remember when ogling their asses- they wouldn't just be musky- they'd smell like stool. Why then were the Spartans naked? There are well-documented stories of gay soldiers in the U. Can imagine them fighting naked or nearly so in ritualised combat like duels and tournaments to show off their prowess and courage and to level the playing fieldwhile in warfare they'd carry what armour they could. This form of battle would have been more akin to the gladiatorial matches of later periods.

Made in Lakonia Sparta. Nude emo pictures. You watch television, you watch movies, you never see anyone with acne, you never see anyone with a scab, you never see anything like that.

We can't be absolutely certain if the Spartans wore linothoraxes or cuirasses at Thermopylae, but the former is the more logical choice, given that agility and speed are essential when facing an army far superior in numbers and on unconventional terrain. Since the Greeks, and even the Romans to some extent, had a romanticized concept of naked warriors it is quite possible some of these matches might have taken place naked.

That video was hot as hell. You realize that most "real" soldiers don't pose half naked in their uniforms, right? For example, in the Battle of Thermopylae, each of the Spartan hoplites had at least 2 and maybe even 3 perioikoi each. The Naked Soldiers Thread! Roman Army Talk cites unreliably an interesting counterexample The best answer is the first, from History vs Hollywood. And how many have photos have you posted, R82? Two obvious questions, neither of which has an obvious answer, leap to mind immediately.

Dian Hanson knows men. Marine Corps The scandal that prompted an investigation into hundreds of Marines who are accused of sharing naked photographs of their colleagues in a private Facebook group is much larger than has been reported, Business Insider has learned. US Marine Corps photo "Bumping all 3 service academies' threads to see who can post the best wins in the next 7 days.

I'm guessing these naked French soldiers were on the losing side. Castellano One user followed up on June 13, offering another nude photo of the woman. Greek applique with a nude swordman. Real military girls, wives, girlfriends and supporters sharing pictures and videos. Aussie hunks naked. You must confirm your registration within 48 hours of submitting your registration request. History Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.

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And so is My Buddy: You realize that most "real" soldiers don't pose half naked in their uniforms, right?

Rider with birds and a winged figure, perhaps Nike Victory. Sexy milf women. Michael Stokes collects old photos from World War II, and that just sent my bells off right away, because I know that WWII has an enduring fascination particularly for gay men, because it was a time of unparalleled male bonding; it was first big war where they had good photo technology. R49 has a really nice, big gun.

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One user hinted at her last name as others scoured her Instagram account, posting more photos they had found. I have read accounts that the Spartans would occasionally cast aside their clothing and fight naked if they wanted to show total scorn to an enemy that they did not fear.

That is one beautiful soldier, R3. What nationality are the guys at R28? Now, you make a good point about the weight of the armour and shield, but you're forgetting a critical detail: Instead, he said, the victims themselves may have more legal standing if they were to contact the ISP to remove the photos.

That said, the tradition of depicting ancient Greek warriors naked or semi-naked in works of art is a lot older than Hollywood:. To them, sex was for men and women, end of story, and God knows there are no women in these pictures. Real nude soldiers. Thanks to all who have posted, I feel like I can now sleep at night, knowing that our boys are protecting me.

The horseman riding bareback pun intended is definite proof the artists took some liberties with their subjects. History Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.

You are now a registered user of NYMag. Hot sexy pussy naked. But others quickly found her new accounts and told others, and the new Instagram account names were shared throughout February. I noticed Gore Vidal. On another thread, a member posted a photograph on May 30 of a female service member with her breasts exposed and said, "She is in the navy down in san diego, anyone have any more wins? In a thread dedicated to the US Military Academy at West Point, some users who appeared to be cadets shared photos and graduation years of their female classmates.

Please check your mail and click on the link in the email to complete your subscription. The revelation comes on the heels of an explosive story published on Saturday by the journalist Thomas Brennan. Though Shay was circumcised and maybe larger of penis.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? He reported on a Facebook group called Marines United, which was home to approximately 30, members who were sharing nude photos of colleagues along with personal information and even encouragement of sexual assault. And the row of men behind him all with their pants down. The only references made to their complete nudity was during their exercises and their games, during the latter of which the young women and girls would strip themselves and join the young men and boys.

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One user asked in September for photos of women in the Massachusetts National Guard, while another requested some from the Guard in Michigan.

History Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Contact About Jobs Legal. When alerted to incidents such as this, we thoroughly investigate and take appropriate action. Hot sexy blonde lesbian porn. R2 works for me, but since R6 is just a little bitch let's not repeat the oft-mentioned solution, shall we. Gave me a tingle too! Tondo of an Attic black-figure kylix, ca. US Marine Corps photo "Bumping all 3 service academies' threads to see who can post the best wins in the next 7 days.

Most of these young men would never be in such fine shape again, and in many cases they had been selected especially for their attractiveness and their condition. Real nude soldiers. Nude pics vanna white I'm also pretty sure that at such times it was appropriate to display your "endowments" - a "pissing contest" as it were Nearly all these pictures are anonymous, grabbed from estate sales and eBay and the like.

As members of the Army team, individuals' interaction offline and online reflect on the Army and its values. By the classical age, these one-on-one contests were not as common. Later in the thread, the man even referred to the airman by name and told her to check her Instagram messages.

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