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What she does off the clock is her business. The rule to understand is that any action that may bring discredit on the department opens the officer for punishment. Tamika scott naked. Cookie monster started this thread because he is jealous of not having someone like her latching on to him. The defendants were initially accused of driving around last month to toss plastic bottles filled with a toilet bowl cleaner.

Apparently since it worked so well for the Russians inleaked internal Chinese documents show that their strategy in their trade war with the US will be to use retaliatory tariffs to "split apart different domestic groups in the US" businessinsider. Stacey suro nude. Have you read Brady and its progeny? It a reaction typical of Americas love of violence and shame of sex.

ScottieG59Mar 22, If she's got it, hell why not falunt it. Other images appear to depict Suro in fetish, bondage and other compromising positions. Scientists consider whether to focus future research on those areas or just bomb them all to hell space.

My comment is this "That a female police woman apparently is supposed to forget that she's a woman, and become masculine when she goes into uniform, I have just got to say that's BS".

Click here to investigate the photos yourself. Instead, McClelland released a statement saying that the department was aware of the allegations but he could not comment until the investigation was completed.

Is she breaking a law? Suro had over photos of herself on her Model Mayhem page, some featuring her in revealing outfits and others showing her nude. Share Tweet Reddit Flipboard Email. Jessica lucas tits. John, has a good idea about a centerfold each month in Police Magine. Who gives a rats ass what she does when she's not working??? The charges will be dismissed after they complete hours of community service.

It has nothing to do with being a woman she should have kept private an not post that stuff were the public could get it.

And how will I feel tomarrow or in 5 years from now. Thia is still america and she still has a right to freedom. I am sure this will come in handy. Kendra McKenzie Gill and the other year-olds pleaded guilty Thursday to attempted possession of a chemical device, a misdemeanor. Ever run into someone who says "what does 'butterface' mean? Word of the photos got out last week and internal affairs began investigating the matter last Wednesday. Especially if they are not doing anything illegal.

It has nothing to do with her job, nothing to do with her judgment or ability. Like eat sushi and not pay.

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Search Media New Media. Porn girl sexy image. I know how this ends The most troubling comments above are from the pius, sexually insecure and anal commentators. Javascript is required to view headlines in widget.

The year-old single mother didn't have much to say when we stopped by her Sugar Land home to get her side of the story. Stacey suro nude. What was she thinking???? If you can read this, either the style sheet didn't load or you have an older browser that doesn't support style sheets. This is the number of comments. Some of the photographs involved fetish and bondage content, according to the network's website.

Something like this only goes to show that police officers are people, too. I think somehow, I just had sexual intercourse just by reading that statement. Thia is still america and she still has a right to freedom. Hd nude porno. Though they seem to be more sever for pictures. Photoshop Farktography Caption Buy Fark:: I remember in GA a school teacher was out right fired Flinstone style for having a picture on her private facebook of her drinking a beer in Germany she was over Same with the story we heard way back about a teacher who also starred in porn films.

Suro has since taken the link down. That does not make her less of a cop or tarnish her reputation. Gamekeeper disturbs couple having noisy sex session in a tent on remote estate - 'you sounded like you enjoyed that' - tent falls deadly silent thescottishsun.

United Press International is a leading provider of news, photos and information to millions of readers around the globe via UPI. Best of luck to her.

No word if he received Pepsi as compensation metalunderground. When will these people learn??? It is my opinion, that if you are not on the clock and not breaking the law, then it is nobody's business what you are doing. I am embarassed for my female counterparts in this dept. March 13, at 8: After heartbreaking loss to Belgium, Japanese fans don't riot, they stay to clean up the stadium usatoday. That or I am just getting too old.

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When she or any other officer is paid for 24 hours then being a member of the Borg can possibly be discussed.

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Meantime, Police Chief Charles McClelland would not go on camera but he released a statement saying that the department is aware of the allegations but he could not comment until the investigation is completed.

The only issue is it went public and people of the public bitch and moan about anything. The single mother stated on the site that she was a model for hire, according to KPRC. Our case did not make the news and was handled internally, but it had a long lasting impact on her. Sexy girl ponr. Hot sexy milf stripping The problem though is cop haters will use those photos to tarnish cops. Suro could be the first one. Stacey suro nude. Why exactly is she suspended from duty? Someone had to be on that site and recognize her. Maybe that's a game changer.

Your name or email address: If I committed a crime on her beat, I'd learn to run backwards to see those Ta Tas bounce. Don't give up sweetheart, do what makes you happy, and me horny

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