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The road to el dorado chel nude

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How much does it take to build a life? In a way, she wanted to distract him; get him away from the toxins he'd been inhaling. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Hindi naked sex movie. When we walked straight into that jungle soaked and wet from that goddamn waterfall and stopped for camp that night… It hit me.

The problem was that the only person that made Tulio smile the way he did was Miguel. The road to el dorado chel nude. He cut out their hearts and tossed them to Xibalba, and all I did was stand there in the crowd to witness their bodies being dropped into the water. Chel didn't want to cry; she just couldn't. I wanted everythinglike power and control, just like he did.

She asked him quietly, "Well, if you're so ignorant and cold and careless, then why are you mourning? Overall, he looked tired and weak. What Did I Do Wrong? Your happiness by Mixu Fandoms: I felt like I finally had someone that I had a connection with. By now I know you don't care, but you were the closest thing I've had to recovering and I didn't want to be left alone…" Chel felt hot tears stain her cheeks.

Maybe it was that adorable smile of his, that smug expression whenever he felt confident, or possibly his roguish charm and that little curly-Q that always dangled in front of his face. Such thoughts scared him more than anything. Milf blonde video. He couldn't help but crack a weak grin when he felt the presence of his love. I'm sick of seeing you like this! Without thinking he put the cigar to his lips once more out of bad habit, and once he exhaled with a bitter cough Chel snatched the cigar he was just smoking straight from his fingers.

He loved her as much as she probably did… but would he be worth the commitment? Disney Resort by AverageNerd Fandoms: The El Dorado native wanted to discuss his problem, not witness him continue to damage his already weakened state. Sure they've done a few scams to grab a bite to eat or to simply get money to get money, but he hadn't really shown her anything besides the usual hangouts that he and his best friend used to go.

So here is what or rather who they are doing after the movie ended. I really don't need it. Still, there are probably plenty of emotions I failed to bring up when I was expressing Tulio and Chel's grief.

Then you just had to be flirty, didn't you? She wiped her nose, not making eye contact with him. All he pretty much did was mope. I Think We Need to Talk He could smell the vapors escaping, which made him more determined to get the cigar close to his nose and wanting the smoke to travel through him. Tulio knew what was right… and the one thing that he did right was to make sure he would never become him.

The road to el dorado chel nude
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With the setting sun in the distance the square was painted of oranges and pinks, penetrating the windows of the couple's small home and invading the smooth surfaces of the tiles on the walls: Chel turned, looking at him with begging eyes, almost as if to plead that what he would say wasn't some sort of rejection.

Not much sunshine was showing today, which was a relief on his part. Sometimes he would find himself waking up in the middle of the night, sneaking out of bed and creeping outside to light up another cigar so he could freggin sleep. Nude girl in hotel room. The road to el dorado chel nude. Many different blues and grays with orange and yellow decorated the interior of each square; the cooler colors dominated all the patterns, yet the warmer colors were somehow able to balance evenly with the theme of the room. I miss you, Miguel… Tulio fingered back his wavy coal-black hair, growing frustrated by the fact that he was once again thinking about him.

Tulio couldn't remember the last time he had a hug from anyone, but he knew what it felt like and he's received it before from Miguel. I wanted to get out and I duped you and Miguel for those reasons, but -" She paused, giving herself a bit of time to compose herself.

If Tulio was hurting this bad with his deceased best friend and using cigars to kill the pain, then the possibility that she could do the same was still there. He needed to find a way out… but then he noticed that Chel was still holding his cigar, practically tempting him.

She was able to trick the foreign buffoons so she could use them to get her out of her homeland, yet she didn't get what she wanted after all.

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She could have sworn she caught him at one point tearing up a bit, but most of the time he grew overly zealous to tell everything about their adventures together. Tulio's tired eyes met hers, but he once again looked away in shame and disappointment. She couldn't help it. Hot naked hawaiian women. But he couldn't, since he was too late. Nothing but a way to get attention, and as much as she loved getting attention she didn't want to get it in a way that would reveal her weaknesses.

She felt too saddened by his state to do so, not wanting to see how much it hurt him. It was a small conflict between the two of them, but yet it morphed into a problem so huge that he was unable to control the situation and how it affected others. Part of him felt the need to grasp her body and let her cry on his chest; let her do something other than feel completely alone and useless… like he felt.

Not to mention the fact that it was also unhealthy. Chel once again lowered her gaze. All he pretty much did was mope. During those slow years, for the first time in a long time, she felt relatively close to someone other then her family.

Someone that gave a shit about me and didn't take advantage of me. Despite having these feelings of remorse since she was a child, there were still plenty of other options in means of escape. If he had it his way, he'd bandage their friendship that had been destroyed by his desires and selfish dreams.

He didn't move a muscle. I feel naked song. And is that okay for kids? What's sad is that I watch you wither away into nothing all because of some betrayal-" "That betrayal is the stupidest thing I could have possibly done," interrupted Tulio, his voice rising from her incomprehension.

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Tulio watched as the licks of smoke danced around him, eventually dispensing into the air and giving out the rancid smell of tobacco in the dimly lit room. Here she was, almost two silent years later with the man, and she thought she could at least find a way to get him out of his endless plaintive state; show her Spain, and tell her about the town and the people and its lifestyle.

She tried to be as gentle as she could with him. Xxx wife orgasm. Limits by mithrel Fandoms: You're such an asshole. Chel didn't want to cry; she just couldn't. He was cowardly, and he still wanted that wonderful thrill that made him feel powerful and indestructible. I haven't really had any close death situations, so I was basically writing blind. We were just a bunch of buffoons that got lucky and found El Dorado, where mountains of gold were there just waiting for us!

His throat started aching as it continued to tighten, choking him. Big tits got milk The road to el dorado chel nude. Tulio could still feel the pain on his hands from gripping the vines that saved his sorry ass from joining the El Dorado native in the cold waters, waiting for a chance to climb to safety. Chel stood nearby, watching as Tulio continued to waste himself away by lighting a new cigar. Sexy girls free xxx. Her anger, however, was mostly due to anxiousness.

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